Graze Options

Premium Graze Table

What's included but not limited to:

Variety of cheeses - Triple cream brie, pecorino, cheddar, blue cheese, Variety of cold meats, mixed olives, quince paste, honey comb,

variety of crackers, variety of dips, variety of fresh fruits and veggies, mixed nuts, chocolate pretzels and more.

Don't be shy, let us know your preference!

We have expensive taste and only like to indulge in high quality produce, obviously we are describing our graze tables.

non of that super market chain stuff!

Includes hire of trestle tables, cheese boards & table decorations, Table Decorations
 (fresh flowers for the graze table will be an extra add on.)
$35.00 Per person

Premium Graze boxes

Add our premium graze boxes to your luxe picnics for a complete luxurious picnic experience.
*Our graze boxes are currently only available with our picnic setups.

Small Graze box - Feeds 2-4 people
$100.00 per box

Medium Graze Box - Feeds 4 - 6 people
$140.00 per box

Large Graze Box - Feeds 6-10 people
$170.00 per box